Poem-Rhythm of Life

Rapid racing

Vapid being

Starting from zero

Falling from hero

Always mediating

Seldom meditating

Bracing for perception

Embracing deception

Have a cup of wine

And a fancy place to dine

Looking out the windows

Guessing who are widows

And maybe spray in fragrance

So they won’t smell the flagrance

And laugh in front of silver screens

And cry silent tears in dreams

But take your revenge

With your hand clenched

Pull the trigger

With your anger

Found the evidence

By coincidence

Regretting the cover

And perhaps undercover

Tried to own

Beyond starvation

Forced to owe

Under probation

But smile

In the wreckage

As you did miles

Away at the orphanage

Believe with faith

In the aftermath

Warm the earth

As you continue the search

Be your own mentor

Not needing doctor

Build your armor

With sense of humor

You’ll see glamor

Shiniest ever

As you are the beggar

With sugar


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