Daily Prompt: Fragile

via Daily Prompt: Fragile

I’ve always felt a sense of fragility in my life, and sometimes would generalize it as the inevitable of human existence. We are small beings that dream big, imperfect beings striving for perfection. Thus we break down (physically or emotionally) every step of the way, when failure repeats itself, when the ideals seem too far to achieve, when hope seems out of reach.

But then we recover quickly, and we go through the same process. At a point or two, maybe facing a transcript, an award, or simply the mirror, we are so proud, so proud that fragile beings like us have managed to live and win after all. And when we look back, at the tripped crying babies, we may feel silly, but somehow, it’s a sweet memory to smile at.

There are ‘tough’ ones who aren’t able to recognize their fragility, and I once was one. Being too careful to avoid the rocks, and when tripped over, do not make a sound. The rocks accumulate, in heart, until they were so heavy that they burst the heart, which maybe unrecoverable. An inspiring quote on a poster said, ‘I am strong, because I accept my weakness. I am happy, because I have gone through sorrow.’


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