It was late night, though the room was bright with intense white lights. Five black or grayish devices on the small round table. Black frames of laptops, of glasses, of eyes, all directed to the centre. Tomorrow is the big day, tonight is the last chance.

‘What should we wear tomorrow?’asked the boy in white T-shirt.

‘Anything will be fine. I usually wear something casual in presentation,’ replied the girl in black cropped jacket.

‘Like do we need to wear a suit?’ He gestured a tie round his neck.

‘Noooo,’ boomed the casual collective disapproval.

‘We are not business major, so we don’t need the suit,’ said I.

‘Ok, Ok, I see’ We all giggled a little, except the boy in blue checker sealed his lips with a great bend.

‘So, just no casual?’ asked another boy in black polo shirt.

‘I plan to dress casual actually,’I pulled down my white shirt a bit and leaned against the cushioned office chair, ‘Just no dirt on shirt.’

‘O, ok, haha, ok’ We all laughed a little, with the blue checkers bouncing off the orange chair.

‘Let’s finish the Powerpoint first. Our content is good enough, so we don’t need the fancy clothing’

‘Ok, you’re right’

‘Yeah, give me five!’

‘In case you haven’t slept, let’s dress in a semi-formal way tomorrow’ The grey ticks appear at 23:56.

Sitting by the grey desk, I frequently switched my sight back and forth at the doors. A black polo shirt was switched to a marine one, white T-shirt lengthened and buttoned, checkers faded into plain blue…shirt, and black cropped jacket heeled and pinked. I looked at the black screen–white blouse with neat navy stripes.

Perfect interpretation of semi-formal.




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