‘Do you know what is love? You don’t know what is love!’

‘What love is.’


‘It should be what love is.’

‘Fine, you don’t even know how to speak.’

‘No, you’re the one who always speaks wrong’

‘Wrongly, it should be wrongly’

‘Right, you speak wrongly’

‘You spoke wrongly! It should be “you spoke wrongly”.’

‘Fine, you spoke wrongly. WTF, are you really gonna play this?’

‘You started this. Now, my previous line was correct, but not my previous previous previous previous previous, so it should be “You had spoken wrongly.”Dude.’

‘Not should be, but should have been, smart girl.’

‘You got the most wrongs.’

‘There isn’t a third person…hasn’t been, I mean’

‘Enough! Just break it!’

‘Now it should be broken.’


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